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New Game + Wrath of Anubis 2

2010-08-11 23:40:45 by Canadian-Jeff

The Cursed Beneath

This was created while developing Fortune Hunter: Wrath of Anubis and shares the same platforming engine. Comments? Suggestions?

Also Wrath of Anubis 2 will be ready for next Tuesday. It's already up on (except saving doesn't work) but the people are complaining about difficulty so I'm going to tweak some of the levels.

New Game + Wrath of Anubis 2

Oh shit zombies: Game testers wanted

2010-04-28 18:46:26 by Canadian-Jeff

Hey everyone,

I'm looking for help balancing out my latest game. Some things I want to work out is weapon upgrades, cost, difficulty.

So, If you liked my (dated) game This is Madness, then you'll love my new game. Send me a message if your interested, I'm looking for 3-4 dedicated people to run through the game a couple times.


Oh shit zombies: Game testers wanted

Play my new game!

I am looking for level designers for a special version of the game. Hit E on any level select screen to access the level editor. Feel free to send me any of your level codes.

If you're interested in the possibility of getting paid for this, show me what you can do. If you can create levels in a similar fashion as I have done, you can help me make some new "official" levels and get compensated at the same time.



Fortune Hunter: Wrath of Anubis has been released! Looking for level designers!

Egypt Stuff

2009-10-29 11:11:55 by Canadian-Jeff

I'm looking for level designers.
I can compensate.

PM me for info.
(A game pic can be seen on my last post)

Madness Day 2009 Game Collaboration! Hurry time is running out!

2009-09-07 17:33:25 by Canadian-Jeff

OK heres the deal.
Madness day is in 2 weeks.
I would like to make a game about this.

Its a bit late too be starting something new...... so I plan on using the engine I'm working on right now to make something awesome.

The idea- character is escaping his cell, needs to escape building. This will be a platformer

Problem!!! I don't want to do graphics. So I'm looking for someone to do this. Since the portal is filled with a shitload of crappy madness animations, I'm sure this won't be a problem.

So, anyone interested? First come, first serve. (probably not)


Madness Day 2009 Game Collaboration! Hurry time is running out!

Are you an animator?

2009-06-19 00:44:38 by Canadian-Jeff

A pure platformer. No upgrades, weapons, whatever. Good old platforming fun. /64201_castle.php

Anyone interested?

2009 Internet Olympics

2009-04-07 18:29:32 by Canadian-Jeff

2008 Summer Olympics Results:
1. China
2. United States of America
3. Russia
4. Great Britain
5. Germany

Don't see you're country up there? That's OK, you don't need billions of dollars in training to rank in the top three here. Everyone can compete! Hooray!

2009 Internet Olympics


2009-01-21 22:31:54 by Canadian-Jeff

Meow! Meow! Meow!


Are you an artist? $$

2008-11-26 10:29:07 by Canadian-Jeff

I'm just wondering if anyone is interested in working with me on an RPG. 0398_The_Breaker.php

Controls: Arrows + X

Or maybe a fighting game- that would'nt take too long.
Or even a platformer.

Just throwing this out there and seeing if anyone will bite.
I'm looking for someone with a proven record.